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Nusrat Welfare Organization, Pakistan (Regd.) organized a Seminar on the “Prevention of Increasing Drug Addiction in the Community”.

Additionally, the Volunteers of Nusrat Welfare Organization, Pakistan (Regd.) would be awarded Shields to encourage the performance of their Volunteers on the basis of yearly reports.

Project Roshni

  • Our project ROSHINI has schemes to support training and education on addiction and its prevention in Pakistan and organize sessions for members and non-members.
  • The United Nations on Drugs and Crime in 2013 “Drug Use in Pakistan” report released staggering statistics. It says that about 6.7 million people in the country are drug users consuming different substances including plant-based drugs, medical prescription drugs, opioids, opiates (heroin and opium), and tranquilizers. Of these, about 4.25 million are dependent on the drugs they feel a constant need to consume more and more drugs. The report also terms this a “problem for the family” which substantiates the claim that families tend to abandon the drug addicts. It further states, “Three-quarters of opiate users interviewed reported a strong desire for treatment, but cited either a lack of access or an inability to afford treatment.”
  • We need to understand is that drug addiction must surely be a sin and a crime, but it is also a problem, just like terrorism, that comes with a solution

Activities on Project Roshini

Nusrat Welfare Organization, Pakistan (Regd.)

Nusrat Welfare Organization, Pakistan (Regd.) is a Pakistani NPO established on 12 November 2014, with a commitment to work on the empowerment of underprivileged families through providing resources of quality health services, education, life skills, etc., with a special focus on the mothers and children.

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Nusrat Welfare Organization, Pakistan (Regd.)

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Nusrat Welfare Organization, Pakistan (Regd.)
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